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www.wizrich.in is promoted by Wizrich Financial Services, a partnership firm based out of Hyderabad.

We, as a team, share over a decade of experience in arenas as wide range as Technical Analysis, E-Commerce, International Business, Quality Management and technical expertise in Enterprise Application Integration.

We draw our core competencies out of our research, experiences and observations on the Derivatives markets on electronic platform, since their debut on the Indian scenario.

Our team is spearheaded by professionals are certified through the specified evaluation processes of National Stock Exchange.

Our advisory covers a wide array of derivatives market covering the Futures and Options segment of National Stock Exchange, Commodity derivatives traded on MCX and NCDEX, and Currency Derivatives on National Stock Exchange.

We strive our level best to help our clients earn reasonably well through our possible out-performance and practical competencies. We provide our services to the paid clients through the medium of SMS, Yahoo Messenger or any other Instant Messaging services, which would be notified from time to time.

Though we are fully aware that the market place is full of opportunities, we totally refrain from analysis and recommendations based on rumours or news, unless they are available in public domain or open media. We also maintain ourselves insulated from malicious intentions pertaining to Insider Trading, Insider Information and Money Laundering. We, therefore, reiterate our strict adherence to regulations. We also refrain from making any tall claims on the possible returns from the analysis we do. We only talk of possibilities, because there is nothing called certainty in this ever-evolving world of financial markets.

As a matter of policy, we discourage people from being excessively greedy in their expectations and perceptions from derivative markets. We remind them of the inherent risks of trading in this segment and also the risk to capital, if they fail to adhere to their personal financial discipline, in terms of their risk tolerance.

Finally, we vehemently express our displeasure towards intraday trading in any form in any markets and we do not find any merit in that style of trading. Hence, we feel it not prudent to advise that style of trading, thereby keeping our clients away from the perils of high risk to the capital that might even arise of over-leverage.

Down the line, our motto remains Capital Protection and Wealth Creation through disciplined trading with minimal greed. We strive to achieve that through our consistency in accuracy.